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Home & Bathroom Renovations Eastern Suburbs Melbourne | GB Renovation


Home Renovations Melbourne

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We service all eastern suburbs

Our homes might just be the most important places in our lives. It’s where we feel free and safe from the rest of the world. At home, you can be yourself and enjoy quality time with everyone you love. As our home gives us so much, we owe it. It’s up to us to maintain it, improve it, and take care of it. It might just be a property, but it’s a property worth caring for and improving on, as the benefits are endless.

You’ll give yourself and your family a much more comfortable place to live, as well as increasing your homes property value. Whether you plan on leaving it to your children and grandchildren or plan on selling it, renovations will make the house shine and give you something amazing. Every proud Australian knows how much they can benefit from home renovations, which is why they don’t choose just anyone for the job.

Home renovations aren’t something that should be taken lightly. As such, they can only be completed by certified and experienced experts like Go Build. With our services, you’ll get everything you were hoping for and more.

Bathroom Renovations


The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate, second to the kitchen. Any amount spent on a bathroom renovation will never be lost as it will always increase the value of the house as well as the rental income amount. It’s one of the most important rooms to renovate, as it endures years of use and needs to be up to the highest hygienic standards.

Kitchen Renovations


Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where your friends and family gather together to make lasting memories over good food and great company. That’s why you deserve a kitchen as warm and welcoming as the people who spend time in it.


Home extension by go build

If you feel that your home is simply getting too small for your family’s needs, but you don’t want to move, you can always call Go Build for an extension. The home will be restored and extended to its full potential and function. You’ll also have the space you need and give your family everything they deserve.



Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner who needs carpentry services, you can count on Go Build. As well as the high-quality home renovations in Melbourne, we also offer minor and major carpentry services. No job is too big or too small, and our expert carpenters will make sure a quality and complete job is done. 

Project Management


If you have a project in mind and a plan already drafted out, we can help you manage the project. Home renovations in Melbourne are only a part of our expertise. With years of experience in the field and thorough theoretical knowledge, you can be sure our project managers are fit for the job.

Who are Go Build?

Over a decade ago, a man named George Overton entered the construction business. Over the years, he’s gained experience to back up his theoretical knowledge and convert Australian homes into something extraordinary. He founded the company Go Build and has continued to impress his Melbourne customers with top quality home renovations.

Building relationships with businesses and homeowners over the years has only made Go Build more popular, reputable and competent to finish any job that needs doing. The fact that Go Build has a strong relationship with suppliers of materials for all sorts of projects means that you, the customer, can get high-quality materials for a lower competitive price. 

Your friendly Melbourne home renovations company is here. If you have any ideas about home renovations in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Go Build and we’ll respond instantly. 


Why Choose Us?

Competitive price; Go Build can provide highly competitive prices due to discounted trade prices from suppliers, giving you more freedom to extend your budget on fittings and fixtures. Go Build can provide you with a custom-designed on-site measure and scale floor plan along with a fixed price quote that works with your budget. This gives you an idea of how much the renovation will cost. From here, you can choose the fixtures, finishes, and everything in-between freely. When the price quote is familiar, nothing is stopping you from browsing the catalogue and designing your bathroom, kitchen, or new home extension according to the agreed price and your wishes.

Quality; A tradesman with years of experience producing work of only the highest calibre will be on-site to complete the tasks involved. Your home is the most important building in your life. Everything and everyone you hold dearest in your heart resides there. The project will be completed following all current Australian Standards and Victorian Building Authority standards, so you can enjoy it daily for many years to come.

Reliability; Your renovation will have constant progress and be on the top of our priority list. We want the house to be functional, practical, aesthetically pleasing and problem-free. Renovating with Go Build gives you the peace of mind needed, as you’ll know the job was done properly. Once the home renovation is completed, you’ll also get a 10-year warranty.

Respect; Go Build understands that it’s not just a worksite, but also an asset. There will be sections of the house which may neighbour worksites, but we will ensure that your house will be protected to prevent any damage. Your home will be in safe hands at all times and treated as if it were our own. Not only does your home deserve respect, but so do you as a person. Each family is different, and Go Build will make sure to fully understand your family’s needs before the renovation process starts, thus giving you the results you deserve.

Professionalism; You can be assured that Go Build will always have time to address your concerns and strive to keep stress to a minimum so your renovation experience is as pleasant as possible.

Go Build Reviews

Excellent Professional service from George and his team. More than met my expectations in generating some great ideas.

Cynthia Rolland

Got Referred to George through a friend of mine . George and his team did an amazing job , very professional . Highly recommended.


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    Still hesitant? Our certifications and stats speak for themselves

    -Certificate 3 Building and Construction (Carpentry apprenticeship)

    -Certificate 4 Building and Construction (Management)

    -VBA Registered Builder (DB-U 61460)

    -Master Builder member

    -Carpentry Australia member

    10+ years of experience: George Overton has been in business for over a decade collecting valuable experience and field knowledge that helps Go Build nail the job every time

    100+ jobs built: This number proves that Melbourne has recognized the quality of Go Build’s services. It’s your turn to discover why Go Build’s the best Melbourne has to offer.

    Fully insured: You never want to hire a company without insurance, and now you’ll never have to. Go Build is reliable and fully insured.