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Small & Complete Bathroom Renovations Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Are you looking to clean up that old bathroom of yours and give it a more elegant touch? Don’t even think about starting a project that big without a reliable and professional builder on speed dial. Melbourne has one that won’t disappoint you – Go Build Renovations is just the service you need!

For over a decade, Go Build has been leaving homeowners speechless with the most elegant and sophisticated bathroom renovations Melbourne has seen. As an experienced company, Go Build is always at your disposal, eager to meet your needs and make your wishes come true, as well as to recommend the best approach for any project. You can expect the final result to be the combination of your taste, personality, and Go Build’s expertise. This is why we always manage to deliver precisely what you wish for- often even exceeding your expectations.

5 reasons you should choose Go Build bathroom renovations in Melbourne:

  1.     Correct any structural damage that may be caused by water leaks
  2.     Increase energy efficiency, saving you money in the long term
  3.     Increase the overall value of your property
  4.     Improve the layout, giving you more storage space and increased functionality
  5.     Effortlessly maintain good hygiene with modernised mould prohibiting products

The Classiest Bathroom Renovations Melbourne has to offer

The bathroom is the most complex room in the house to renovate. Only an experienced professional company such as Go Build Renovation will be able to adequately handle the project.

It’s vital that a bathroom is renovated correctly. As well as making sure everything is running properly and improving the quality of the bathroom, our renovators will also use the design to maximise space and functionality.

If you have a small bathroom, there is always the possibility to enlarge it. Rebuilding walls in different locations to maximise space is just one idea. The case with large bathrooms is similar. Instead of having a bathroom which is too large and has a lot of wasted space, you can include an enclosed water closet, or maybe even a European style laundry. With extra space, you’ll have a lot of stylish additions to choose from.

Our process of bathroom renovations in Melbourne is set to ensure a quality finish that will maximise the potential of the room, giving you the best possible outcome within your set budget.

  1. Consultation – a free site visit will allow George from Go Build Renovation to assess your family’s needs and determine how to maximise the potential of your bathroom. He will also check the current state of your bathroom and give you advice on how to approach the upcoming renovation.
  1. Planning – Having a good plan is one of the most important factors in any renovation. After the consultation, George will establish the most efficient way to bring your plans to life. You’ll get a more detailed explanation of the renovation process, what it will involve, and what kind of results you can expect.
  1. Budget – If you consider the cost of the plumbing fittings, tiles, tapware, bath, mirrors, vanity and basin, you can see that the costs add up fast. That’s why it’s so easy to spend more than you intended to on bathroom renovations. Together, we’ll come up with a budget that works for you but will also allow you to get the bathroom you want and deserve.
  1. Specifications– With us, even the most complex bathroom renovations in Melbourne are transparent. Project specifications will include details about the start of the renovation, its duration, and what will be removed and added to the bathroom.

Why choose Go Build Renovation for bathroom Renovations in Melbourne?

Competitive price; Go Build can provide highly competitive prices due to discounted trade prices from suppliers, giving you more freedom to extend your budget on fittings and fixtures.

Go Build can provide you with a custom-designed on-site measure and scale floor plan along with a fixed price quote that works with your budget. This gives you an idea of how much the renovation will cost. From here, you can choose the fixtures, finishes, bathroom furniture, and everything in-between freely. When the price quote is familiar, nothing is stopping you from browsing the catalogue and designing your bathroom according to the agreed price and your wishes.

Quality; A tradesman with years of experience producing work of only the highest calibre will be on-site to complete the tasks involved.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house to maintain and renovate. Not only because of hygiene, but also because of the use it endures over the years. It will be built following all current Australian Standards and Victorian Building Authority standards, so you can enjoy it daily for many years to come.

Reliability; Your renovation will have constant progress and be on the top of our priority list. We want the bathroom to be functional, practical, aesthetically pleasing and problem-free. Renovating with Go Build gives you the peace of mind needed, as you’ll know the job was done properly. Once the bathroom renovation is completed, you’ll also get a 10-year warranty.

Respect; Go Build understands that it’s not just a worksite, but also an asset. There will be sections of the house which may neighbour worksites, but we will ensure that your house will be protected to prevent any damage. Your home will be in safe hands at all times and treated as if it were our own.

Not only does your home and bathroom deserve respect, but so do you as a person. Each family is different, and Go Build will make sure to fully understand your family’s needs before the renovation process starts, thus giving you the results you deserve.

Professionalism; You can be assured that Go Build will always have time to address your concerns and strive to keep stress to a minimum so your renovation experience is as pleasant as possible.


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